Monday, February 2, 2009

Universiade 2009.
Republic of Serbia

This will be the biggest sporting event of this year in the World !

Over 12.000 sportsmen-academics from 170 countries, will compete in 21 sports and over 300 disciplines. In Belgrade at that time there will be around 20.000 guests, from all World !

The Universiade Belgrade 2009. will be an opportunity also to create new contacts and friendships not only among sportsmen, but among volunteers as well.
Around 10.000 of young people will represent a real movement, they will affirm volunteerism.

The Universiade is, after the Olympic Games, the biggest and the most massive sporting event that could be organized in one country.

The organization of the Universiade is assigned to on the similar principle as the organization of the Olympic Games and represents the great honor and responsibility for the country and the city to which it was assigned to.

It is organized every two years in one of the cities of the countries-members of the International Federation of University Sports.

Welcome in Belgrade !

from July 1-12th 2009.

Belgrade, Београд, Beograd is the capital and largest city of Serbia. The city lies at the confluence of the Sava and Danube, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkan Peninsula. With a population of 1,630,000 (official estimate 2007.), Belgrade is the largest city in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, second largest city on the Danube river .
Belgrade has the status of a separate territorial unit in Serbia, with its own autonomous city government.
Belgrade is the central economic hub of Serbia, and the capital of Serbian culture, education and science.
The 2009 Summer Universiade, officially known as the XXV Summer Universiade are due to be celebrated in Belgrade, Serbia from 1 July to 12 July 2009.

See You in Belgrade * July 1-12th 2009. * The 25th Universiade

The 25th Universiade 2009. Belgrade

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The 25th Universiade 2009. Belgrade

The 25th Universiade * Belgrade July 1-12th 2009.

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The 25th Universiade 2009. Belgrade

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The 25th Universiade 2009. Belgrade

The 25th Universiade 2009. Belgrade

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  2. Odlicna ideja da podsetite ljubitelje sporta, ali i turiste, da posete Beograd u julu!
    A kome bude potreban profesionalni (ali povoljan) turisticki vodic za Beograd ili Srbiju, moze se informisati na

  3. Ovaj saj/blog je SUPER!!! Bbas me obradovalo da vidim da neo pise o ovoj temi a da nije zvanicno.
    Bravo za autora - dobro se potrudio i spojio lepo i korisno. Stvarno super! Neka samo tako nastavi, majstor je.
    Sve najbolje,

  4. Cestitiam za ideju i realizaciju. Zaista puno korisnih i dobro odabranih sadrzaja.

  5. U, ovo sam zaboravio:

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